We are open 10am - Midnight every day. For bookings or immediate assistance it is best to call us!

(213) 673-1473 • (877) 6BEDROCK

We are located at 1623 Allesandro St., Los Angeles, CA 90026. 

1623 Allesandro St
Los Angeles, CA 90026
Los Angeles

(213) 673-1473

Bedrock.LA is Echo Park’s massive music mecca founded in 2009 by three musicians who believed there was a better way to provide creative space, the East(side) LA landmark has arisen with a giant mural visible from space. Featuring 40,000 square feet sound sanctuary with over 100 rooms of air conditioned facilities, we serve the working local and touring musicians offering a one-stop shop for all things music. Rehearse - Record - Rent - Relax.


Surround Suite

A lovely 5.1 mixing suite filled with delightful outboard gear, a big fat computer loaded for battle, a sweet tracking room with a vintage 1919 Baldwin upright and other great overdub fodder. Mix that soundtrack or that recording in a well tuned, well appointed suite!

The Bedrock 5.1 Surround Suite is designed to create a dedicated Overdub and Mixing suite. With a great collection of instruments it makes a great writing and production room, and with a killer set of plugins and outboard compression you have all the tools you need to take your music to another level.
— Eric Rennaker - chief engineer


The space is powered by a beefed up Mac Pro tower loaded with RAM, SSDs, and plugins for days. Sound and monitoring via Apogee Rosetta with a Big Ben clock, and a Dangerous Monitor ST-SR with 5 Adam A7s and JBL LSR 6312SP Subwoofer.


Digital is groovy, but we still need our analog stuff too. Both have advantages. This room's permanently allocated gear includes: 

  • Focusrite FF-ISA 428 
  • Bug Audio API Clone
  • Portico 5032
  • Portico 5042 (Tape Saturation)
  • Demeter Optical Compressor
  • DBX 160S, Urei 1176
  • (2) Slate Dragons
  • UAD Plugin Card with Full License
  • Waves Mercury
  • Soundtoys
  • Native Instruments Komplete 10
  • Izotope RX4 and Ozone 6
  • More!


Each recording studio has a set inventory, but remember, we have tons of gear in our rental department. But there is a lot that you can do with the gear allocated to the room. Here are some special pieces that reside in this studio:

  • Whisper Room - The whisper room is a double walled, 3.5ft by 4ft isolation booth that will ensure total isolation within the studio allowing multiple instruments to be tracked together in our overdub room as well as a great vocal booth silent enough for ADR!
  • 1919 Baldwin Upright Piano - been in Bedrock owner Cosmo Jones' family since it was new, it has a very cool sound!
  • Fender Tonemaster - This is from the custom shop and is one of 3 made for Joe Perry of Aerosmith by the Fender custom group in Arizona. Ironically, it's plugged into a cabinet made by Gabriel Currie of Echopark Guitars who happens to build guitars for Joe! For a big amp sound, this is the ticket.
  • Hiwatt Studio/Stage MkII Combo - A beautiful new hand wired Class A combo which can switch between 20 and 40W. We like 20W. Great tone, warm spring reverb, yummy.
  • Marshall Bluesbreaker - Another Class A combo, this one runs at about 18W and has that vintage Marshall tone in a small footprint.
  • Dave Smith Prophet '08 - An awesome modern Prophet interpretation from a reliable and respected purveyor.
  • Elektron Sid Station - One of the first batch they ever did. There are only 500 in existence to begin with so this one is extra special.