We are open 10am - Midnight every day. Starting October 3rd, 2019 we will be moving exclusively to online bookings for our hourly Rehearsal Rooms using the button below. In the meantime, please call us at (213) 673-1473 for booking.

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We are located at 1623 Allesandro St., Los Angeles, CA 90026

1623 Allesandro St
Los Angeles, CA 90026
Los Angeles

(213) 673-1473

Bedrock.LA is Echo Park’s massive music mecca founded in 2009 by three musicians who believed there was a better way to provide creative space, the East(side) LA landmark has arisen with a giant mural visible from space. Featuring 40,000 square feet sound sanctuary with over 100 rooms of air conditioned facilities, we serve the working local and touring musicians offering a one-stop shop for all things music. Rehearse - Record - Rent - Relax.


Rental Equipment

BedrockLA has a large gear collection including staging, line arrays, live sound reinforcement, drums, bass amps, guitar amps, keyboards, guitars, basses, mics, hardware, monitors, percussion and more. If we don't have it, we'll find it. Make one call, we'll do it all.

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We <heart> gear

No joke. We're all musicians, and we're addicted to gear. And gear is always coming and going, so before you ask, please understand we don't list everything online. Below is an overview by category, and we encourage customers to call or email us as we are happy to put together exact estimates for you based on your needs. 


We are proud to feature Steeldeck stages, the industry standard for professional heavy duty staging. We have many configurations with options for size, height and levels.

Line Arrays / Large PA Systems

We carry QSC line array products, specifically the KLA series. We demoed every major brand and even some lesser known ones, and our entire staff felt the KLA system was the cleanest, clearest and punchiest. Our clients are always happy with the results and we're sure you will be as well! 

We're also proud to be using the Behringer X32 32 channel digital mixer. We were pleasantly surprised that the Midas designed board turned out to be an excellent choice for all of our major FOH mixes. 

PA Systems + Mics + Monitoring

For those that don't require something as large as a line array, we carry the QSC K series: The KSUB, K12 mains and K10 monitors. Whether it's a thumpin' house party or a large club gig, we can bring the right amount of sound to fit the situation. 

We also carry wireless in-ear systems, wireless mics, a wide array of live recording mics – all available for rent or as part of our production package.


We are proud to be a Mapex authorized dealer, and we offer a special price on Mapex products. Rent a top of the line Black Panther or Saturn Series for 50% less than a DW. All the quality at a very special price. 

Percussion - we have that too! Featuring LP bongos, congas, timbales as well as hand percussion, tables, cajons (with and without foot pedal) djembes and more. 

Selected Kits

  • Mapex Black Panther Velvitone 5 pc.

  • Mapex Saturn Series 5 pc.

  • DW Timeless Timber 8 pc.

  • Ludwig USA Classic 5 pc.

  • 1964 Slingerland 4 pc.

  • Yamaha Oak Custom 8 pc.

We also carry Gretsch, OCDP, PDP, Pearl, as well as hardware by Mapex, DW and Yamaha. For cymbals, we carry high end packs of Soultone, Zildjian K Series and Sabian HHX. More affordable, the Sabian XS offers a familiar classic sound for a lot less cost. 

Selected Snares 

  • Black Panther

  • Original 80s Black Beauty

  • Original 70s Superphonic

  • Orybon Bubinga

  • DW Timeless Timber

  • Kenny Aranoff Signature Snare

  • We have tons more, ask us!


We are proud to be an Orange authorized dealer. Therefore we can offer special pricing on Orange gear which will put you in top of the line equipment for less. 

Selected Guitar Amps 

  • Orange AD30

  • Orange Rockerverb

  • Orange Dual Terror

  • Fender Twin 1965 RI

  • Fender Deluxe 1965RI

  • Fender Super Reverb 1965RI

  • Fender ToneMaster - rare

  • Fender Original 1965 Twin - vintage and amazing

  • Hiwatt Studio/Stage Mk III

  • Marshall JCM 900

  • Marshall Plexi 1987x

  • Marshall MA100

  • Marshall Bluesbreaker

  • Mesa Boogie Lone Star Combo

  • Mesa Boogie MK III

  • Satellite Neutron

  • Vox AC30

Selected Bass Amps 

  • Orange AD200

  • Orange Bass Tiny Terror

  • Ampeg SVT Classic

  • Ampeg SVT Anniversary Issue

  • Ashdown EVO III

  • Markbass SD1200

  • Trace Elliott


  • Akai Miniak

  • Dave Smith Prophet 2008

  • Fantom 88 key Workstation

  • Fender Rhodes Mk 2 (vintage) - cleanest one in LA!

  • Kurzweil PC3LE8 Workstation

  • Nord Electro III

  • Sid Station

  • Yamaha Motif ES8


  • Pioneer DJM-900srt mixer (with Serato)

  • Pioneer CDJ-2000 Nexus CD turntables with USB

  • Rane DJ sixty-two mixer (with Serato)

  • Technics 1210 turntables