We are open 10am - Midnight every day. For bookings or immediate assistance it is best to call us!

(213) 673-1473 • (877) 6BEDROCK

We are located at 1623 Allesandro St., Los Angeles, CA 90026. 

1623 Allesandro St
Los Angeles, CA 90026
Los Angeles

(213) 673-1473

Bedrock.LA in Echo Park, Los Angeles featuring rehearsal, recording, rentals, repair, retail and more for musicians.


Standard Rooms

Standard rehearsal rooms at Bedrock are perfect for your power trio, your deadly quarter or even your killer quintet.



We offer 5 uniquely themed standard hourly rooms, all equipped with great gear and a powerful PA. Your 5 piece or smaller band will be at home. Larger bands please check out our showcase rooms, or if you need even more space, The Bedrock Room.

Room A is our Echo Park themed room.  Come celebrate the creative hub of Los Angeles in this stylish room.

Room B is our 60's psychedelic themed room.  So put on your granny glasses, because you're about to groove out.

Room C is our horror themed room.  It's gonna be "scary" how good you sound in here!

Room E its like when your parents got that new fridge and you turned the box into a fort.  A local favorite.

Room I is our 1980s basement themed room.  It just feels good.


  • A/C and heat
  • Powerful 2000W QSC KW Series Powered PA
  • 16 channel console with FX and 2 independent monitor sends
  • 1000W of floor monitors
  • Mapex Meridian 5 pc drum set including all hardware
  • Orange Tiny Terror 500W bass head with 6x10 cabinet
  • Orange Dual Terror guitar head with 4x12 cabinet
  • Fender Twin (1965 reissue) 

The Standard rooms do not come with cymbals, if you need to rent cymbals, they are only $8 dollars per session.